Le Domaine des Pierrines

New name, new start…

Even though the domain has existed for several generations, it is making a fresh start today with its new name, Domaine des Pierrines.

Proud members of the Independent Wine Growers, we take part in every step of this rich and complex trade. We are the vine workers when we have to prune or plough the vines, oenologists when we have to make the wine, we also have to be accountants, administrators and sales personnel when we come to meet you and invite you to taste our wines.

With a forward-looking blend of tradition and modernity, we work hard in the vines and in the cellar to give you pleasure in our bottles. We work in this way to offer you rich, convivial and festive wines.

Le Domaine des Pierrines - Fabrice Delaunay

2, rue de la Bergerie - 41110 Pouillé - Tél. : 02 54 71 46 93 - Mobile : 06 84 05 64 43

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